Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Journal Feature: Templates!

Your Mac Journal now accepts templates!
Customers asked for templates, so we're adding them!  The first step is to import RTF or RTFD files to be used as templates.  You can just use "TextEdit" (included on every mac for free) to create a template, or you can just save an entry as a template (available starting with MiJournal 1.1.6).  Your journal template can even contain pictures, images, or video.  Detailed instructions on how to use journal templates can be found here.  Once your template is imported it will always be there for you to use!  You can use templates in two ways: One way to use templates in your journal entries is to go to the preferences, and set a default template.  Doing this, every new journal entry will start with the template that you have selected.  This could save you some typing if you enter the same thing frequently.  The second option would be to go to the "Templates" menu (in the MiJournal menu bar) and click on one of your templates.  It will immediately be inserted.  We hope you enjoy this new feature!