Monday, October 29, 2012

Free Mac Journal App Coupon Codes for MiJournal give away

This promotion has expired.  We gave away 50 free copies of MiJournal!  You can still download MiJournal and give it a try for yourself: Mac Journal App

Good news!  We're giving away 50 free download codes for MiJournal App on the App Store.  Our customers are already telling us that MiJournal is their favorite daily diary app on the mac, so we would like to get the word out by giving the full featured version away for free.  You will be getting the registered copy - not a free trial (however if you want to give the free trial of the MiJournal app a spin, you can visit the Mac Diary (MiJournal) webpage, or download the Mac Journal App Here.)

In order to get the free coupon code, simply give us a +1 when signed in with your Google account (click the +1 icon below).


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to using MJ6. I like the abiity to keep my HD uncluttered and have a singe place to store notes and information. I may try the journaling functions if I can get them working right. The biggest feature I might like to see is a compression function for stored data.

posted by ~exabytes

Anonymous said...

It's that time of year, isn't it? Time to refresh the journal/log/whatever! I'm looking forward to having something I can use on my Air that I take with me everywhere. Something I can lock down. I also want to be able to easily run back and review things that I've written. While the act of writing down your thoughts is in itself helpful, re-reading it to ensure you're progressing personally is important too!

I hope there's still copies of the code left- I am really interested in trying this out.



Anonymous said...

In a journal, I want to be able to use all the normal Mac text features, boldface, italics, underline, choice of fonts. I also want to be able to password protect the opening of the journal, and encrypt the entries. That way I know I am free to write what I wish without wondering if someone else can read it. I also want to be able to do a quick search, so I can find entries I made in the past, without remembering when they were. Of course, it must be rock solid, not crash, and preserve my entries. And be able to select sections to print, if desired. Having a calendar view is nice, but not critically important.

Anonymous said...

What I want in a Journal is easy entry, full text formatting, search across the whole journal, and most important of all, encryption.

It would also be nice to have an iPod App that I can synch with.


Waleyla said...

Hi! Thanks for making this app! These are the features my dream journal app would have:

1) ability to be printed! images and all.
2) ability to take my own image and use it as a background image so I could give it a beautiful zen look that inspires me.
3) Ability to create multiple journals in one app, so I could track health, personal thoughts, workouts, etc in one app.
4) ability to share it with select people if I so desired
5) ability to easily store on external hard drive
6) ability to go back and edit old entries
7) full-screen capabiility
8) search functions similar to spotlight
9)reliability! material is too precious to risk. Hence printability in case my computer fails. This leads me to think some kind of backup system would be really important.
10) ability to choose different fonts, styles, colors, sizes to match my mood
11) A cool Asian design with bamboo, black and white or red and black and white design, Japanese or Chinese brush artwork
12) ability to collect into yearly printable book formats that could be sent to the printer and made into hard in-the-flesh copies! That would sell me over all other journals. Ability to choose which entries/time periods to print instead of having to print the whole thing every time.
13) A fresh start each year while still retaining all data from past years.
14) A place where we could list goals for the year, goals for the month, etc - minimal planning capabilities, and a place at the end of the year where we could celebrate what we accomplished. Basically integrating features from the super-popular Sacred Journey journal and the equally awesome Action Day getting things done planner - in the front of both of these they have space for contemplative planning, you could check them out and add them to your app and create the ultimate journal that I would buy forevermore.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I am recently interested in an easy way to journal with picture illustrations on my Mac. I'm researching all the best options and hope MiJournal fits the bill!

Thanks so much for this offer!


Anonymous said...

I would love a journal that's easy to navigate from entry to entry / or journal to journal, quickly. Having the option to insert pictures inside the entries as well as resize them is also an important thing I look for. This app looks very straightforward, easy to use, & efficient. Simplistic - with the option to customize quickly & locate/find data quickly is what initially caught my eye about this app & I'm glad it did!


Anonymous said...

I am looking for a simple, easy to use journal. Features I would like to have include
-the ability to have multiple journals and store them where I want to store them
-a variety of fonts and the ability to edit the size and style
-the ability to add pictures to entries and also resize the pictures
-the ability to print my journals or just part of them
-calendar view

Labasa Bill said...

I want to write my life history, and be able to search by location, date, activity, people, etc. I also want to be able to insert photos. I suspect I will encounter additional features that I would like

Anonymous said...

Based on the comments looks like MiJournal will be my new journaling application!